Roma Kogan
1416 Gary Lane • Escondido, California 92026 • (760) 443-3483

Objective: To obtain a permanent position with an established and growing company that will utilize both my technical and creative skills.


Pro Spot International, Inc. Oceanside, CA
Positions Held:
While at Pro Spot, produced numerous brochures, post cards, interactive CD-ROMs (kiosks), designed and maintained a web site, produced technical drawings, recorded and edited digital video for VHS, DVD and digital delivery, manipulated photos, designed magazine and newspaper ads.
Other responsibilities at Pro Spot included:
- Responsible for design, art and programming of company website, all computer- generated literature, marketing material, training and informational CD-ROMs, set up and maintained company network and e-mail infrastructure.

- As advertising manager, responsible for creating ads, budgeting and developing advertising campaigns as well as communicating with magazines and newspapers.
- Worked to expand company market share, while working with operating advertising budget of $100,000 and higher.
- Expanded company’s presence through on-line, printed, direct-mail, trade show and CD-ROM advertising.
- Set up, planned and manned numerous trade shows.
- As a part of the upper management team, took part in strategic planning and execution of company directives.


Freelance multimedia designer / Webmaster / Computer Technician

List of clients: CLICK HERE

Education 2000 Palomar College San Marcos
Associate Art Degree in Multimedia Authoring.
Associate Art Degree in Multimedia Design.
Attributes • Proficient in a wide array of software including: Microsoft Office Pro (including Access and Power Point), Director MX and below (lingo programming), Photoshop CS, Imageready CS, After Effects, Acrobat 6, Homesite 4.5, Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks 4, Premiere 6.5, Flash MX, Quark Xpress 5, Pagemaker, Adobe In-Design, various other video, 3D and multimedia software.
• Proficient on a Macintosh and Windows computers
• Excellent learning and problem solving skills.
• Over 9 years on the job experience in multimedia/graphics.
• Fluent in Russian language (both speech and writing)
• Great communication skills and work ethic.
References Lillian Payn, Assistant Professor–Graphic Communications:
David Burns, Software Cinema:
Jim Trusty, Vice President Sales – Pro Spot International, Inc.: (760) 407-1414 x115
Additional references and an interactive portfolio CD-ROM available upon request.