Pro Spot Interactive CD-ROM

As an employee of Pro Spot International I've had unique creative control over this project which allowed me to experiment with and expand on advanced programming techniques.
Some notable features include:
  • Install Shield installation routine
  • Auto resolution detection and changing
  • Adobe Acrobat detection and installation
  • If necessary Direct Show components are not detected project switches to "no video" mode
  • Multi-dimentional lists keep track of navigation allowing back tracking of visited sections
  • Most of the project operates on templates, creating pages in runtime
  • Utilizing drop-down menus through Pop-Menu Xtra
  • MPEG playback using MPEG extra with custom controls written specifically for this project
  • Extensive use of MIAWs for video playback
  • Most of the scripting is controlled by custom behaviors modified or created by me
  • Advanced scripting techniques used to create simulations of the actual welders for training and demo purposes. Everything from error messages to LCD displays to power and air controls is simulated....
  • Created real Windows95 help files
  • Most of the videos were shot and edited by me in Adobe Premiere 4 and 5 and Adobe After Effects 4.0
  • more.....
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    <Sub menu screen>

    <Virtual welder simulation>